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We are a qualified and competent team of scientists and engineers representing various disciplines and with many years of experience in the material and energetic utilisation of biomass.


Our extensive range of consultative services includes:

  • Consulting for biogas plant operators concerning choice of substrate, substrate quality, use of additives (such as trace elements or enzymes), and problems with process biology
  • Support in the design and approval of biogas plants and in questions relating to plant and process engineering
  • Advice on chemical analysis and method development
  • Advice on the utilisation of renewable resources and residual biomass (see also Method and Process Development)
  • Support in the initiation and organisation of research projects (see also Research)


Contact person for process biology:

Dr. Stefan Dröge

Tel: +49(0)6331 / 2490-846



Contact person for process development and plant design:

Benjamin Pacan

Tel: +49(0)6331 / 2490-840



Contact person for analytical chemistry and method development:

Dr. Thomas Fiehn

Tel: +49(0)6331 / 2490-844