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Tuesday, 26.08.2014, 13:59 Age: 5 Jahre

Successful Workshop on “Heat Pumps in CHPs”

A second Workshop organised by PFI Biotechnology in the context of the transnational research project W2PHeat was held am 19 August. The title of this Workshop was: “Experience with Heat Pumps in CHPs”.


The main focus of the event was on the latest developments in high-temperature heat pumps and their applications. Participants had an ideal opportunity to enter into a direct exchange of ideas with specialists for the design of heat pumps and to discover how the efficiency of CHPs can be enhanced


Moreover, PFI Biotechnology’s presentation of its innovative biogas plant concept also offered a visit to PFI’s own biogas plant at Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park. There was also an opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the local waste-to-energy plant, which generates both heat and electricity.


A further topic addressed was HP4Drying, a follow-on project of W2PHeat. In this current research project, drying processes with heat pump integration are evaluated and demonstrated. In addition to PFI, which is investigating the drying of fermentation residues and sewage sludge, five other German research institutes with such diverse areas of interest as the timber industry, bricks and ceramics, medicinal and aromatic plants, textile production, and laundry drying are also working in this field. The Belgian project partner, Ghent University, is developing, among other things, a dynamic control system for heat pumps integrated into dryers.


The following workshop documents can be downloaded:  


Wärmeenergieautarke Turbofermentation durch Einsatz einer Wärmepumpe / Benjamin Pacan, PFI Biotechnology


The combination of CHP and Heat pumps - does it make sense? Frank Koninckx, Kovia


Influencing the electricity/heat production ratio of a biogas plant by using new technologies / Bruno Vanslambrouck, Universtität Gent


Hochtemperatur-Wärmepumpen mit natürlichen Kältemitteln - zukunftssichere Anwendungen für industrielle Anwender / Steffen Oberländer, Geschäftsführer thermea. Energiesysteme GmbH


Mississippi-Gärresttrocknung in Biogasanlagen / Burkhard Meiners, AgroEnergien


Energetische und ökologische Optimierung von Trocknungsprozessen mittels Integration von Wärmepumpen / Michael Müller, PFI Biotechnology