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Monday, 06.10.2014, 10:16 Age: 6 Jahre

Successful Participation in the 8th LfL Biogas Round Robin Test

In May 2014, the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture (Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, LfL) offered a round robin test for laboratory service providers in the biogas plant sector for the 8th time. A total of 37 laboratories took part. Round robin tests permit laboratories to demonstrate the quality of their work compared to other laboratories.


There is still a lack of uniform standards and specifications for numerous aspects of analysis in the process monitoring of biogas plants − in contrast, for example, to investigations on sewage sludge or biowaste. Round robin tests permit the organiser to undertake individual assessments of the participating laboratories and also to recognise differences between measuring methods and to improve the comparability of laboratory studies.


The PFI biotechnology laboratory participated in the round robin test groups “Fermenter Content” (determination of TM, oTM, pH, FOS, TAC, NH4-N, acetic acid equivalent, acetic acid, propionic acid) and “Minerals” (contents of B, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Na, Ni, Se, Zn). 94.4 % of the parameters lay within the specified tolerance limits; just one parameter lay outside. Compared to the other participants, PFI Biotechnology was able to achieve above-average results for most of the parameters.The results confirm the high quality of fermenter analysis at PFI.


Further Information:

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Certificate of participation (pdf) [German]